Are you a genius…or a nut?



I realize that I’m a nut. Quirky. Off beat. Silly sometimes, and prone to leaving my cup of coffee in the refridgerator. I’ve been reading about some famous geniuses lately who showed some, er, oddball traits of their own. Maybe someday my wackiness will morph into genius? Sigh. Probably not, but here are a few oddball traits of some famous geniuses.

Einstein’s chauffeur claimed that he once picked up a grasshopper off the ground and ate it.

Thomas Edison’s research associates had to complete an interview process, which included eating a bowl of soup. If they added salt to soup before they tasted it, Edison automatically dismissed them as potential employees.

Charles Dickens couldn’t stand to have his hair mussed, so the writer kept his comb handy and used it hundreds of times a day.

Here’s a link to the full article if you’d like to read it.

So do you have any quirky habits or know someone who does? I’ve been too busy to post much, so we’re giving away a TRIPLE prize at the end of May…a signed book, Amazon gift card and a Starbuck’s card

Name that candy! A sweet little quiz.



I’m trying to write two books at once. This creates stress. Stress activates my sweet tooth. This is a problem.  To prove the severity of my problem, I can report that I did WAY TOO WELL on this Name That Candy Quiz! How well do you know your sweets? This is a low tech quiz, so you have to keep track of your own answers. Would love to hear how “sweet savvy” you are!

A six legged hero tops the fiction list!



Can you guess a title from the Telegraph’s best childrens book of all time list? The list has wardrobes and tollbooths, Pooh bears and hobbits, but the number one, top of the list is a book with an insect as the protagonist. I refer, of course, to Charlotte’s Web, by E.B. White.

You know you’re a great author when you can make a spider into the most beloved hero of all time. Spiders…that universally despised creature that people are generally trying to splat or run away from. So what kind of an author can take an insect, give it intellect, compassion and more humanity than the human characters? E.B. White, of course. Can you think of any other books where an insect outshines the humans?

My favorite quote from this amazing author? “Writing is an act of faith, not a trick of grammar.”

Did you ever read Charlotte’s Web or another book from the list as a child? What made it memorable in your mind? Giving away an Amazon gift card and a book this month! :)

And our March winner is….


Rachel Warren Peace! Congratulations and thanks to all who commented this month!

A new (and scary!) writing project!



Ever had a project that stretched you? I’m starting in on one of those “rubber band” projects that’s going to stretch me to be a better writer…or make me crawl under a rock and cry. I’ve signed a contract to participate in a continuity series. That’s a collection of six romantic suspense novels tied together by a theme (in this case, rookie cops and their canines.) I’m book three and I’m working away to understand how the overall plot connects book to book, and the zillion and one details that need to be kept straight. If Dimpled Drake has green eyes,  drives a beat up Buick and loves tacos in book one, I’m going to have to make sure he’s still eating those tacos, driving that Buick and flashing those green eyes in book three (and on through book six.) And if we’ve got the gas station attendant dying off in book two, he can’t really show up again in book six, now can he? How does one keep all these things straight? We’ve got a comprehensive written outline and a yahoo author group where we fire off questions to each other on a regular basis. Will that be enough to keep me on track? Time will tell!

So how about you? Have you ever participated in something that stretched you to step outside your comfort zone? Would love to hear your thoughts. Giving away a Starbuck’s card and a signed book on Wednesday! 

Fluffy, sweet, Peeps…It’s time for a Peeps quiz!




You know what I’m talking about…those sugary, puffy, marshmallow cuties…the most popular (non chocolate) Easter candy of all time! Did you know Peeps used to have wings? I know! We’re talking fascinating stuff here.

Take the quiz below to test your Peep knowledge! Post your results to be entered into the March drawing for a Starbuck’s card and signed book. Good luck, peeps!

Survey…what are your reader quirks?


I’m an oddball reader for sure. I’ve got plenty of reading habits that would probably make absolutely no sense to anyone else. People contact me all the time and share their various unique habits related to reading. So let’s share, shall we? Giving away a Starbuck’s card and signed book this month. 


1. Do you ever read the ending of the book first? I do occasionally, mostly when I’m worried that the beloved family dog/horse/cat/etc. is going to die. Characters, I can stand losing. Pets….ack! I know  a woman who always reads the end first so she can then relax and enjoy the journey of how the author got to the solution! Love it!

2. Do you ever write in your books? I don’t. Pretty much ever. I just can’t make myself do that, though I stick Post-its and dog ear pages like crazy. Odd, huh?

3.  Do you have a little reading recipe for yourself? By this, I mean do you have a particular diet of books? For me, I have to be reading some nonfiction (usually research), probably a magazine (Reader’s Digest or the Food Network Magazine) and a fiction novel. I feel best when I have those three things going, rather than feeding myself only one type book at a time. Is that odd?

I’m looking forward to hearing about your reading quirks!


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