Famous fictional vessels? Cue the Love Boat!



What could be more romantic than sailing? (I say this theoretically, because I’m afraid of the water and I get seasick.) It is a powerful notion, burbling along over the calm seas with your honey on your arm. My newest book takes place on an historic paddlewheel boat and the old vessel is rich with the romance of a bygone day when folks dressed for dinner and danced the night away on deck. It made me wonder how many fictional boats I could think of. Of course, there’s Captain Stubins and his Love Boat. Remember that show? No doubt it would come across as hopelessly hokey nowadays, but I can still hum the theme song when pressed upon.

So in honor of all things nautical, let’s give away a signed book and a ‘boat in a bottle’ necklace, pictured above. Interested? Then comment with the name of a famous fictional boat! Prize awarded at the end of the month! 

Link to Sailing In Style


And our June contest winner is…




Harley! Thanks for all the comments, everyone! New contest up soon! image

Going to the movies? Get ready to recline in style.



It’s time for summer at the cinema, but gosh! The movies aren’t what they used to be. Remember plodding into the theater across sticky floors and hoping no one super tall would sit in front of you? Or maybe you can cast your mind even further back to the drive-in experience? My oldest kiddo, Yogi Bear, just got a job working at a local theater and zowie! The theater experience has changed! The seats are all big, blocky recliners! Can you believe that? Also, when you buy tickets, you choose which seat will be yours instead of the ‘pile in and hope there aren’t only front row seats left!’ We’re talking luxury here. While it was certainly comfortable, I found it a bit weird to be sitting with my feet up, lounging next to a complete stranger!

So what do you think of these luxurious movie theater changes? What was the last movie you saw in a theater? Would love to hear your answer! June prize winners (of a signed book and July surprise) announced on Wednesday! 

Idioms! The ball’s in your court, now!


Boy, it’s raining cats and dogs out there and I’ve got a frog in my throat that’s just killing me! Don’t you LOVE idioms? An idiom is a word phrase that is not meant to be taken literally. Idioms add color and flavor to the English language, more playthings for writers to enjoy. So here are three of my favorites.

Burn the midnight oil (work late into the evening)

Bob’s your uncle (everything is all right)

From soup to nuts (all inclusive)

Here’s a little quiz to see how well you know your food idioms! Have fun! http://www.idiomconnection.com/food.html#BQ

So do you find yourself using a particular idiom often? I would love to hear it! Giving away a signed book and a July surprise this month. The ball’s in your court now! 

Important life quiz…what type of classic cereal are you?



Ummmm….am I the only one who thinks cereal is a perfectly acceptable dinner entree? I mean when I’ve got a book to finish writing, kids to get to music lessons, lesson plans to prepare and a lost box turtle to find, cereal begins to look like a well balanced dinner to me!

In light of that revelation, here’s a zany little quiz that will tell you which classic cereal best suits your personality. (What? You don’t think that’s important to know?)

Quiz: Which cereal are you ?

Please post your result and you’ll be entered in the July drawing for a signed book and a July surprise. 

Boats, buses, planes and trains. Been on any recently?



Ah travel! I just love the very idea of it, much more than I actually love doing it. Perhaps that’s why I enjoy writing about fictional journeys. I can have the most incredible adventures without running the risk of getting lost, sick, robbed or stuck in an airport overnight.

Some modes of travel have that romantic feel to them, at least in my mind. Planes, not so much. I’ve spent enough time crammed in the middle seat next to a snorer and a seat-kicking child to have that notion steamed out of me. Boats, though! Now that sounds like an adventure worth having doesn’t it?

That’s why I was super excited to tour the Delta King, an historic paddlewheel boat in Sacramento, which was the inspiration for the book Sailing in Style. Here are two interesting facts I learned about the King.

-The Delta King was built in Scotland and shipped in pieces to Stockton, CA.

-The ship was used by the Navy as a barracks in the 1940s.

So what’s your favorite mode of travel? Flying? The train? The good old road trip? Would love to hear your thoughts. Giving away a signed book and a July surprise this month!

http://amzn.to/1JTgBN2 Here’s a link for Sailing in Style if you want to take a peek.

Quiz…Which Disney Ride Suits Your Personality?




It’s that time again. Summer vacation! As a third grade teacher, I’m privy to all the neat plans of my soon-to-be fourth graders. Trips to India! Hawaiian adventures! Camping trips and days at the beach! Woo hoo! Personally, I’m a homebody. I’d rather be hosting a backyard barbecue for my family than hopping on a plane, so the writing biz is perfect for me! Fictional adventures are right up my alley and I’ve “traveled” everywhere from Guatemala to the arctic tundra.

I found a fun quiz you all might enjoy if you’re a fan of that most amazing vacation destination, Disneyland. Take the quiz (ignore the ads) and post your results. We’re giving away a signed book and a July surprise this month. If you’d like to share your summer vacation plans, I’d love to hear that, too!



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