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Thought you might enjoy my appearance on the Harvest House Blog. Yep, I’ve learned a lot from this rascally animals! Take a peek!




And the winner of the Tippy giveaway is….



I’m pleased to announce the winners from my recent Sit, Stay, Love giveaway and blog tour. Thanks to everyone who entered!

Congratulations to the winner, Wendy Ross. My publicists from Litfuse Publicity Group will be in touch via email with details on how to claim your prize. You can also email your mailing address to info {at} litfusegroup {dot} com. Congrats!

Three writing lessons from snow country.

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I live in Northern, California and this means that I am not rugged. I will admit this freely. It the temps drop below fifty I am not certain of my survival, and I am only vaguely familiar with the concept of snow. Hence, when I traveled to Lake Tahoe this weekend, I learned a thing or two! These lessons are so true of the writing life, so I thought I’d share.

Lesson #1: You’re gonna need chains. Yep, to write a book and make the summit you’re going to need some help. Yes, I know your car is nifty and has all the bells and whistles, just like your computer, but at the end of the day you’re going to need down and dirty helping tools like old obscure books (A Writer’s Guide to Poisons, anyone?). You’re going to find yourself hoarding good old fashioned notepads, and perhaps, dare I suggest it, a phone for calling various experts that do not respond to emails or texts. I know, archaic as old steel chains, but there it is.

Lesson #2:  You’re gonna need other people.  Writing is a solitary endeavor for sure. It’s a ‘buns in the chair’ get-it-done kind of slog up the mountain, but when you think you’re reached the summit, that’s where the strangers come in. You need to hand yourself over to that chain guy or that snow plow operator and trust your precious property into their hands. That is to say, you gotta let people help you. Often times, this means people you don’t know…hiring that proofreader, allowing that online critique group to read your work, or in the traditional publishing world, that editor who is going to potentially tear up your writing. It’s important. You have no objectivity about your writing, I’m sorry say. You need the chain guy and the snow plow operator to make your work the best it can be.

Lesson #3. God’s going to take you on an adventure. You will be changed by the journey. You will learn things about yourself that you didn’t know. God will show you sights more incredible that you could ever have imagined. Savor that as you head up the mountain.

Did you ever learn a lesson during your travels? Would love to hear about it! 




What’s your dog’s personality…..a quiz for dog lovers!




I’m still getting to know our rescued pup, Junie. This means I am still staring at her frequently asking, “Why did THAT seem like a good idea?” Glad to know from this quiz that Junie is “the life of the party.”

What’s your dog’s personality? Does the quiz do your dog justice?













Either/or…a quick romance reader survey!


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All right! Let’s find out what YOU, my darling blog readers, prefer in your novels. Comment with your picks  and speak your mind!



Do you prefer...

1. Either LONG NOVELS (400 pages plus) or SHORTER novels (approximately 250 pages)?

2. Either UNKNOWN VILLIANS that aren’t revealed until the end, or UP FRONT VILLIANS who are up close and personal from the get go?

3.  Either MILITARY/COP protagonists or the EVERYMAN type hero?


Let’s hear from you!


Book #2 in the Pacific Coast Investigations Series available for preorder now!

Seaside Secrets


Take this ‘Are you a spring genius?’ Quiz!




Yes, well, I’ve er, discovered that I’m definitely NOT a spring genius after taking this Farmer’s Alamanac quiz! It does remind me, however, that I’m super glad I live in California! If you’re brave enough to give it a try, let me know how you do. I only scored a TWO. Sigh! Happy spring!

To celebrate the launch of Sit, Stay, Love, here’s a big contest with a treasure trove of goodies and  75 dollar gift card if you’d care to enter.:)

Sit, Stay, Love giveaway



Writing tasks I love…and don’t!


Yep, I really do have the coolest job in the world. There are two things about writing fiction that just pop my cork…and one that doesn’t!

1. Research. This is odd because during my college days, this was not my favorite way to spend time. Now I enjoy diving into places/topics that I would never cross my radar if I wasn’t a fiction writer. Lately, I’ve learned about California’s Channel Islands and the uses of a tactical pen. (I’ll let you look that one up!) You never know where a plot will take you!

2.  Finding a surprise in my own writing. Oh sure the book is outlined and sketched out completely before the proposal is ever sold, but gee! There I am in Chapter Fifteen and whammo! It occurs to me that the guy who dropped the thermos at the airport is actually going to be an assistant to the detective who has been looking for our villain the whole time! What? I didn’t see that coming.  Hopefully, the reader didn’t either!

As with any job, there are parts that I, er, don’t love. The very top of the list is synopsis writing. Oh how I detest it! The most perfect plot sounds simply ridiculous when stripped down to synopsis level. It’s like all the hard parts of writing without any of the fun! Blecchh!

So tell me about your job. What parts to you like…and not like? We’re doing a mega giant giveaway on my FB page this month. Click on the link to enter.:)



Giant Travels With Tippy giveaway!



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