Mail mails tarantulas to U.S.

And I’ll say it one more time…life is FAR weirder than fiction. I’m going to use this in a cozy someday. Sven Koppler from Germany shipped hundreds of live tarantulas to the U.S. via the mail. The 37 yeard old was arrested, of course, shortly after he arrived in L.A. When the first 300 tarantulas were caught in a routine inspection, US Fish and Wildlife then incercepted two more, each containing hundreds of Mexican red kneed tarantulas wrapped neatly in colored plastic straws. Those wily investigators for Fish and Wildlife launched an investigation called Operation Spiderman and ordered more spiders from Sven Koppler who obligingingly sent along a total of five packages of the creepy crawlers. They estimate the spider biz has netted Koppler  more than $300,000. Too bad Spiderman got caught in his own web.

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