The great pet catastophe

I report here with a heavy heart that I’ve recently committed pet homicide. My intentions were good. Honest! Oldest daughter Yogi has a robust gaggle of fish in her tank. It started with two, of course. Friendly little fish, with no hobbies apparently to occupy their time. They began producing rafts of younglings until the tank was teeming with happy wigglers. Enter me. Water’s cloudy I said. Let’s drain out some of the dirty water and freshen things up for said fish. I suctioned, we poured in new water complete with dechlorinator. It didn’t take long. A couple hours later and the damage started to float to the top. One, then two. A half dozen and we were in the middle of a fish wipeout. Needless to say, I felt terrible. It wasn’t the first time. I killed poor Sharky the plecostomus the year before. I cried over poor Sharky and insisted we bury the poor little sucker lips in the yard only to discover the dog had dug him up. I leave the rest to your imagination. So there you go. Full confession of a pet killer. Did you ever have a similar experience? Please tell me I’m not alone in my dark hour.    Post a comment and you’ll be entered in the June contest for a Starbucks card and signed book.

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  1. Never really had that experience. But I did have my beloved horse die. She was amazing and her death was a shock to me. She had been very healthy. It appeared that she had a stroke.



  2. Posted by Karen H in NC on June 11, 2011 at 2:09 pm

    When I was about 9 yo, my grandparents gave me a turtle…a very small turtle living in a rather flat glass bowl….kind of like a squished fish bowl. Anyway, I would take the turtle out of the bowl just to watch it crawl around on the floor. One day, I took it visiting to my friend’s house. I set the turtle down on the floor while Judy and I were playing with paper dolls. I went home and forgot to bring my turtle home with me. I guess I forgot because the turtle had crawled away someplace. Went back to Judy’s house to look for the turtle but between me, Judy, Judy’s mom and little sister, we never did find that turtle. To this day, I haven’t a clue where that little turtle went. He was never seen again! Poor turtle!



  3. Posted by JackieW on June 8, 2011 at 8:15 pm

    I don’t remember ever having had that experience with a pet but I did have to have my darling dog Sandy put to rest on Memorial Day ….he was 19 years 8 months old and was my constant companion…I miss him dearly. At least 2 different people have said “Get a goldfish”…and my reply was “you can’t pet a goldfish”. At the moment I don’t think I will get a pet for a long time.



    • Oh I’m so sorry, Jackie. We had to have a beloved dog put to sleep and I never got over it. I have my Nala now who is my constant companion and I know exactly what you mean. No pet can love you quite like a dog can. I’m sorry you lost Sandy.



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