It’s really dark in this tunnel…

Well I’ve just emerged from a near drowning only to find myself deep in an underground tunnel. It’s the last third of my first Treasure Seekers novel for Harlequin’s LIS and things are growing treacherous in fiction land. I think it’s fascinating where a foray into fiction will take you. I don’t like any water that isn’t in my bathtub so the thought of drowning give me goosebumps. Come to think of it, I’m not so keen on dark scary places either which makes it even more fun to shove some poor fictional person right smack dab in the middle of such places. In this first book the treasure is a painting. The next two will feature different prizes but you can bet those treasure hunters will experience horrific conditions as they race to the prize. What books have you read where the hero/heroine are knee deep in trouble with no way out? Do share.

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