My uneasy relationship….

I’m not sporty. Nor am I coordinated. And I have a lot of fears. Deep water, choking, getting lost….chickens. I’m not the type of person who would want to leap astride a 2000 pound animal and tell him I mean business. The very notion is ridiculous, but this role modeling stuff makes you do INSANE things. When Boo Boo and Yogi said, “Mom, let’s go on a horse ride. It’s safe even for beginners,”…well, what’s a role model to do? My valiant steed (Lippy) and I immediately established the ground rules. I would allow him to snarf a mouthful of wildflowers when the trail boss was not looking, and he in turn agreed not to fling me to the ground or in the river when we forded across. He even cooperated with my feeble attempts to steer him, though I think he snickered something about my lack of upper body strength to Dorito, the unfortunate steed behind us. I held onto the reins like a dieter holds onto that last chocolate bar, and we saw the lovely Santa Barbara country side. I murmured encouraging things like, “You are the smartest horse ever to slap on a set of shoes. Have you lost weight? You’re looking pretty trim in the saddle.” Lippy kept his comments about my weight and unattractive habit of sliding starboard in the saddle to himself. He’s a good horse, that Lippy, and we survived in spite of rude comments from the riders behind us about our leisurely pace. (I am sure these comments came from the same people who tailgate on the freeway.) Post ride, Lippy ambled off to find more weeds to inhaled and I dismounted into an untidy heap of aching knees and tender parts which shall remain nameless. So what did we learn from this? I am still not sporty, nor coordinated and I don’t trust chickens but I have a new respect for those of the equestrian persuasion. I just hope the kids don’t decide that chickens are safe for beginners. Imagine how hard it is to steer one of those!

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  1. Posted by Karen H in NC on July 23, 2011 at 11:36 am

    Ah, the things momma bears do for their cubs! I my kids ever wanted to go horse riding, I would probably take them to the nearest carousel. The horses there are about all I can handle.



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