Farmers…the real superheroes!

I don’t like olives much, not the green bitter ones. I do enjoy olive oil though and after my tour of Olivina in Livermore, California I have a new respect for both the people who run it and the lowly green fruits. Olivina was started in 1881 (yes, that means that some of the olive trees there are 130 years old, brought from Mission San Jose.) Imagine that. A 130 year old tree that receives no irrigation, fertilizer or any such fussing yet continues to pop out crops of olives suitable for excellent olive oil. I should be so productive at one hundred plus years! Mr. Crohare explained with no small pride that olive trees can thrive for well over a thousand years! Just as impressive is the Crohare work ethic. Charles and his wife and son oversee every step of the process, insisting that the olives go from tree to bottle in two hours! Considering it takes near two tons of olives to make 40 gallons of oil, that’s a lot of extremely hard work. No fancy machinery, no super powers, just a small family putting everything they have into producing the best product they can. You can taste the pride and the integrity in their products. While I learned a lot about olives, what I most enjoyed was meeting such wonderful people, determined to do things the right way, not the easy way. God bless the American farmer!

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