Killer Cargo, a Dana Mentink novel

Killer Cargo was nominated for a 2009 Book of the Year award by the American Christian Fiction Writers.

Sneak Peek

She never should have opened that box…….        

When Maria de Silva lands her plane on a deserted, rain soaked runway in the Oregon
wilderness, she feels a stab of alarm. Alarm turns to terror when she discovers
her boss, Martin Shell, is using her plane to smuggle drugs hidden in pet food
supplies. She uncovers the incriminating box just as a sedan full of armed men
arrives on the airstrip. Panicked, Maria rescues the only other occupant of the
plane; a three legged rabbit, and manages to borrow a car from the airport

In a hail of bullets, Maria and her companion flee one step ahead of the men. Hours later,
they pounce on her, causing a violent crash, but she manages to get away. Her
pursuers are relentless, leaving her with a deadly choice: head for the highway
and try to outrun them, or take the rural back country roads through the
untamed Oregon countryside. She makes her decision, and disappears into the
wilderness. (print version) (Kindle version)


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