My Halloween persona

I have an uneasy relationship with Halloween. It’s not my fave holiday. That said, I’m an elementary school teacher so one must join the parade, so to speak. Last year I dressed as Raggedy Ann and was sightly disappointed that many of my students had never heard of the world’s most famous rag doll. Sigh. It might have been more relevant if I had dressed like an iPhone. Anyhoo, I though it would be fun to chat about costumes. What’s the best costume you’ve ever worn? Tell me about it and you’re entered to win the October drawing for a signed book and Starbuck’s gift card.

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  1. Posted by Ben Susser on October 31, 2011 at 3:54 pm

    My favorite costume was as a young adult in the 1980s – I dressed up as a hippie that I made out of weird clothes that I had collected over the years. This comprised a funky velvet corduroy vest that I covered with peace buttons and smiley faces (I know – wrong decade!), an overly colorful shirt (more colors than a Disney cartoon) with absurdly wide collars, a bizarre looking tie with prints of psychedelic feet that I used as a bandana over my then afro-like hair (wow, that was fun having hair …), tattered jeans, and John-Lennon like granny shaped sunglasses. The best part of the costume was that this was the first time (and sadly only time) that I used my creativity to put together something. It was just as much fun pulling all this together as going to the party.



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