Don’t judge a pit bull by her charge…

There I am walking my dog aggressive Nala in the wee hours before sunup. We both stop dead at the sight of a pit bull sitting on the sidewalk at the end of the block. I opt to quietly change directions when the pit bull leaps up and charges down the street. Should I yell? Get my pepper spray? Try the Vulcan death grip? Nala is tensed and ready, scruff up, teeth showing. The dog careens to a stop so close she almost knocks me over and immediately flips onto her back for a belly scratch. Nala barks, growls, goes generally bananas. The dog trots away to check out the shrubs and then charges back. Repeat this for another 15 minutes as we struggle home with a frazzled woman holding tightly to a HIGHLY upset german shephard, trying to avoid being knocked over by a happy hurricane of a canine. We reach home and this rabidly friendly pit charges right into the back yard. I pry her out, shut the gate and drag my sorry self into the house where I feed my dog. I look out the front window to see the pit, staring into the kitchen window, tail wagging as if to say, “Hey. You gonna eat all that?” After I get my pulse under control I venture out to try and find the dog and/or its owner. (No collar.) I find the owner who tells me Priscilla is a very friendly pit. This, I have discovered, I tell her. They drive off to search for Priscilla, and since I haven’t seen them again, I presume they found her. So you see what I mean? I guess dogs are like people, you just can’t tell much from the outside!

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  1. Posted by WandaSue on February 8, 2012 at 8:39 pm

    Great story. Thanks so much for sharing! I love dogs! There are two extremely friendly and loveable pitbulls on my cul-de-sac, and they’re great friends with my two rapscallions — Bella (a black Jack Russell mix — a “Black Russell”) and Floyd (a black labrador mix). The pits, get so excited to have “friends” come over and play! All wiggly-butt and hanging-tongued, both of them. A testament to their loving owners, I think. It’s a party when all four dogs have a get-together!



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