My phone has lowered my IQ.

I’m not kidding. After parting with my lovely old phone (sure it didn’t have a keyboard and yes the little antenna was chipped, but it worked great) I purchased a new phone. Nice phone, did everything but worked. The silly thing took breaks every fifteen minutes or so, turning itself off just to be spiteful. Off Papa Bear went to fetch me a new one. MUCH better work ethic on the second phone except that my address book was zapped into oblivion. Off goes Papa Bear again (he’s a good Papa Bear) to the store to have it magically restored. The whole affair made me realize that my IQ has suffered tremendously. I can’t remember Papa’s cell number, nor Yogi’s, nor Boo Boo’s and I’m lucky I remember mine! Thanks to the magical “push this button and I will think for you” I know longer commit those important strings of information to memory. How depressing! I won’t even get into the mental deterioration caused by my GPS. Can you relate to how I’m feeling?

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2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Ben S. on May 24, 2012 at 12:45 am

    As I struggle with my Droid and wait for my son to set up a wireless printer, I feel close to the days when my dad asked me to set up a videocassette player and an Atari. Is it that as technology advances, we regress, or do we just hit a certain age that prevents us from embracing new technology? Excuse me now – I’m off to play Pong.



  2. I completely relate, although I like to think that its increased my rationalization skills. For instance, sometimes I argue (with myself): smart people find tools to make their lives easier!



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