How does your garden grow?

I am an optimist, you see. I plant with feverish abandon, heedless of the snails, hungry birds and my own dog who is working on digging a bunker in the backyard. Furthermore, I don’t like to use poison of any kind. This year my eggshell deterrent has worked great and the basil, sage and peppers are still standing, thumbing their green noses at the snails! True, the pepper is only the size of large walnut, but that doesn’t dampen my gardening zeal one bit. I’m trying something new this year. Over the winter, I covered my garden with a layer of straw to discourage weeds. After I planted, I reapplied the stuff to keep the moisture in  around the roots. I’ll have to report back later on the effectiveness of this technique. What’s growing in YOUR garden?

Post a comment and you’re entered in the June drawing for a Starbuck’s card and signed book.

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