Oz and Little House and Agatha…oh my!

I am busily gorging myself with books this summer. Oh yes! I’ve scarfed down a Harlan Coben suspense, two Rhys Bowen mysteries set in Wales and a book about C.S. Lewis and his sense of humor. It made me think that if I could see a giant cumulative list of all the books I’ve read, I would find that early on a few books inspired me to be a lifelong reader. The Oz books…sigh. I loved those L. Frank Baum fantasies, and the ones his daughter continued on after his death. Little House books took me into the world of historical fiction. As for mystery after graduating from Nancy Drew, I gobbled up all the Agatha Christie novels I could get my greedy fingers on. Though my tastes have changed, I will always have a tender spot for those authors who got me started on this reading journey.

How about you? What books stand out from your childhood? Comment on the blog and you’re entered in the July contest for a signed book and iTunes gift card.

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  1. Posted by JOYE on July 9, 2012 at 10:23 pm

    My favorite childhood books featured animals-Black Beauty/A Dog of Flanders/Beautiful Joe/Bambi/TheYearling are ones i remember. I loved reading so read all of the popular ones.



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