Where are you Buck Rogers?

I miss Buck Rogers. And Adam West as Batman. And Superman. And maybe even Aquaman. Why? Because those heroes always knew the right choice and they made it, even when it was hard. They were not twisted by inner darkness, struggling against their own vices, ensnared by evil powers so mighty there was no hope of escape. In other words, I miss the days when heroes were undeniably heroes. It seems that in our cynical modern age, the superheroes of TV and movies are tortured souls fighting massive evil, graphic in every detail, with none of the ‘comic book’ quality to dull the ugliness of it. I fear I’m turning into a marshmallow in my old age, someone who longs for the simplicity of a straightlaced protagonist who was just what he seemed to be…a hero.

Maybe that’s why we teach the little ones at church to sing the song, “Jesus, you’re my superhero.” He’s the only one that doesn’t disappoint or become obsolete.

What about you, fellow bloggers? Do you miss any heroes from the past? Or do our modern heroes fit the bill? Comments get you entered in the July drawing for an iTunes card and book.

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