Remember “The Birds?”

One bird is lovely. A bunch of them are a thing of beauty. Millions of birds, and you’ve got yourself a horror movie! Remember the Alfred Hitchock version? I do too, and not just because it depicted Bodega Bay, here in California. That last scene is indelibly pecked into my mind, so to speak. I was surprised to learn that The Birds was originally a short story written by the great Daphne du Maurier. Am I the only one that didn’t know that? Du Maurier tapped into that fear of nature buried deep down in our soul. Extreme weather, random violence (on my mind as I write a suspense novel about a massive earthquake!), and the aresenal of tiny biting, stinging things out there in the natural world scares us so. I won’t even mention our fear of disease… Many of these topics (killer bees, viruses, snakes) have been made into blockbuster Hollywood movies. So let’s take a moment to consider this.

What man vs. nature books or movies have stuck in your mind? Why did they move you so powerfully?

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  1. Posted by Ben S on October 6, 2012 at 3:56 pm

    There was a fairly obscure movie from 2008 called “The Happening.” Not the best movie ever made, but the idea really made an impact on me. The premise was that nature was getting back against humans. Plants released a neurotoxin that caused humans to kill themselves. If you think about what man has been doing to nature, imagine if nature had a defense mechanism like this? Very creepy!



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