Spyglass Lane giveaway…cozy up to a free ebook!

Spyglasstree1Howdy, all. Just a commercial break in our regularly scheduled blog to give you the skinny on a cozy giveaway contest over on the Spyglass Lane site. There’s a new giveaway every day, kinda like a literary advent calendar! Anyhoo, here’s how you qualify for today’s giveaway…..

Tweet about Spyglass Lane mysteries. Simply Tweet about the giveaway or one of your favorite Spyglass Lane Mysteries or authors and include the #12CoziesofChristmas hashtag along with the http://www.spyglasslanemysteries.com link. You may Tweet as many times as you want each day! Only Tweets sent out the day of the giveaway will be considered for that day’s drawing.

Follow us on the Spyglass Lane blog, Twitter @SpyglassMystery or Facebook for the latest info on the 12 Cozies of Christmas giveaway! Each day, we’ll reveal which Spyglass Lane cozy mystery we’ll be giving away.


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