The number one question readers ask writers

pencilsHands down number one question for multi published writers? I’m going out on a limb here and saying it’s the following: “Where do you get your ideas?” I know that’s the one I get the most. The answer is captured in my blog title, Stranger Than Fiction. Life, and people, are far more interesting (and sometimes strange) than reality could ever be. Here are some bits lifted from MSNBC just a few minutes ago that would be excellent fodder for a novel.
-Scientists have confirmed that a squash emblazoned with figures from the French Revolution indeed contains the dried blood of the executed King Louis XVI.
-Nearly 700 feet under the Svartisen glacier in northern Norway, researchers are huddled together underground in the world’s only lab located inside one of these giant hunks of ice.

You see what I mean? The world is a mysterious place and I’ve got a raggedy file stuffed with ideas from magazines, news stories, odd photos and the like that I keep for the “what should I write about next” moment. I’ve got plenty more ideas than time to write about them and I’m not the only one.
James Patterson is probably the top-selling author in the world and he told CNN, “I have more than enough ideas right now. I have a folder in my office with about 400 ideas in it. So it will take me another 40 years to get through those.”

So what types of things interest you? Science innovation? Social networking? Travel? Nature? Biographies? A certain fiction genre? Would love to hear your sources of inspiration.

3 responses to this post.

  1. I love to write fiction, so I get a lot of my ideas from reading/watching fantasy/sci-fi books/movies. Not stealing the ideas, obviously, but taking something that happens and thinking, “That’s pretty cool, but what if …”



  2. Wow. 400 ideas? I’ve got a lot of catching up to do!



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