No time to write a book? Nonsense!

boy on booksThe second most frequent question I get is, “Where do you find the time to write?” Yes, I’m a mom, active in my church community and a third grade teacher, but I have this theory that people always have time to do the things they really want to do. I may not always have the time to dust, or say, take the car into the shop, but somehow, I always find the time to write. When people say, “I just wouldn’t have the time to write a book,” I wonder if they manage to find the time to watch TV or check Facebook.

A couple of author interviews I’ve read show that it doesn’t really matter specifically how you allocate the time, as long as you commit. John Grisham, uber successful legal thriller writer told Time Magazine that even if he had gobs of time it wouldn’t matter. He said, “I’d wait until the last three months and write the book. I learned how to procrastinate in law school, I perfected it as I practiced law, and now I am an expert. I’ve written stuff when I had plenty of time, and it wasn’t very good.”

International bestselling author Fern Michaels had this to say about using her time. “I write every day, sometimes at different times of the day. Depends on my mood. Having said that, the one thing I have not deviated from is the 5000 word goal. When I sit down on any given day to write, I don’t stop till I do the 5000 words.” The system must work as there are more than 70 million Michaels books in print.

So all you writers out there, how do you utilize your writing time? And for those who aren’t madly penning books, what are the things you always make time to do, no matter how busy your schedule? (January drawing for the Amazon gift card/signed book underway!)

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  1. It’s that balance between finding time to write and finding time to market that gets me. If I don’t spend time on Facebook how will anyone know I exist… well, apart from friends, family and neighbors but that market’s quickly saturated.



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