The person Anne Hathway forgot to thank…

All right, the glitter has settled after Oscar night and Life of Pi emerged with many awards. I saw the movie and found it to be a faithful rendering of a powerful story. Anne Hathaway carried the day for the actresses with her portrayal of Fantine in Les Miserables. Her acceptance speech was charming, elegant and sweet, like the lady herself, I’m sure. Just one tiny person she forgot to thank…Victor Hugo!
Yes, I know he died in 1885 after churning out heavy novels, both topically and in the sheer number of pages. He had many tragic life experiences to pull from.

No stranger to pain, his first child died in infancy. His cherished daughter drowned in the Seine at Villequier, pulled down by her heavy skirts, when a boat overturned. Her young husband died trying to save her. Hugo was exiled from France by Napoleon. He wrote vivid stories about social misery and injustice and he did it in such a way that the books have resonated for more than 150 years. Can you imagine crafting a story so compelling, so expressive of the human condition that it would last for more than a century? I can only dream of that kind of talent.

The blockbuster Les Mis movie and Broadway stage success comes from talented people reimagining a story that transcends generations. So the brilliant Ann Hathaway earned that Oscar because of her talent, indisputably, but also because more than 100 years ago, an author wrote Fantine, a woman who has stayed in the hearts of people for generations. Now that’s certainly worthy of a gold statuette.

What other book to screen stories have impressed you over the years? Do share. Comments get you entered in the drawing. Winner announced March 1st.

4 responses to this post.

  1. Wow – what a great history lesson! The Color Purple



  2. A Christmas Carol.



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