Real life treasure chest still ripe for the picking!

lost legacy, coverDangerous Melody, coverFinal Resort


Treasure hunting? I’m in! Well, not in the actual schlepping about with shovels in the cold or anything, but in the literary sense. Nothing better than a rollicking adventure on the high seas (Treasure Island) or in the Temple of Doom (Indiana Jones). That’s why writing a treasure hunting series was such fun. I was sad to see it come to a close with Final Resort, but all good things must end, no? Recently I heard of a millionaire who constructed a real life treasure hunt. Three years ago, Forrest Fenn (an excellent name for a mysterious millionaire), buried a chest  complete with gold coins, gems and other goodies somewhere in the mountains of New Mexico. He published a memoir which includes clues and riddles to point prospective treasure hunters to the million dollar booty. Thus far, no one has found the loot. So you buy Fenn’s book, and get your chance at finding a million dollar treasure! Makes my Starbuck’s gift card drawing look pretty paltry!

Have you ever hunted for treasure? If you did go on a treasure seeking adventure, what type would you search for and why? Though it’s not a million dollar payola, comments on the blog get you entered in the March contest for a Starbuck’s gift card!



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  1. Posted by Linda Eppard on March 8, 2013 at 1:53 am

    I just finished your book Lost Legacy it was very very wounderful . it was so good i thought i was there .I have other books of yours i am going to read.thank you for your great books they keep me on my feet .



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