Why it’s a GREAT time to be a writer!

Last post we took a look at positives for the reader. Here’s the good news for writers! Three super positives about being a writer in today’s market.

#1) Tons more opportunity. I can hear you thinking out there! You’re saying, “She’s nuts. It’s nearly impossible to get published if you don’t have a platform, are running for the presidency or have a couple of Oscars under your belt.” True, traditional publishing is a tough nut to crack for the average Joe, but today there are zillions of ways to be published. Self publishing, blogging, writing travelogues and posting on your own website are ways to get your ideas out there to the public. Who knows where it may lead? Remember that Ree Drummond,The Pioneer Woman, started out as a blogger.

#2) Social Networking can connect you with thousands of people who may dig what you have to say. Fifteen years ago, this opportunity did not exist. Today, I can post a new cover or blurb about my book and it’s instantly zapped to my Facebook fans and Twitter followers. Cost to me? Nothing but time.

#3) Online learning. I wish I could say that I’ve got this writing thing down, but frankly, I’m still learning all the time. Right now I’m working on building memorable characters. So where do I look for training? The wonderful American Christian Fiction Writers has all kinds of cyber learning opportunities as does Romance Writers of America and various community colleges. There is usually a small fee attached, but the worth of getting some invaluable help right from the comfort of my office chair? Invaluable. As I type this my own publisher is hosting a “Happily Editor After” pitch session where newbies can pitch away to a Harlequin acquisitions editor. What’s more, they’ve posted some successful pitches and commented on WHY they chose those particular proposals. Cost? Nothing but time. Seriously, what could be better than that? http://community.harlequin.com/showthread.php/1187-The-Winning-Pitch

So what do you think, writers? Are you feeling encouraged or discouraged by the market today?
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3 responses to this post.

  1. I like this page I would love to be a writer and i think this article is inspirational and it also helps to pick up on tips. I’m using social media to help me build a fanbase. I’ve sort of just started so i’m new to the whole thing.



  2. I like all the learning opportunities I can find online. I also enjoy connecting with other writers.



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