Name calling-writers are the best!

What’s in a name? Practically everything if you’re a writer of fiction. Case in point: Charles Dickens came up with a few names for the sickly character in his Christmas Carol before he hit on the right one. The other contenders? Small Sam and Little Fred. Yep, he made the right call discarding Little Fred, don’t you think? A. A. Milne had the hardest time naming a real life character, his son. Mr. and Mrs. Milne couldn’t seem to hit upon one that fit the bill, so they each selected one and Christopher Robin was the result and the namesake for the fictional boy in the Winnie the Pooh books. (One could also mention that Mortimer was the chosen name for Walt Disney’s famous mouse until Mrs. Disney convinced him Mickey would do the job better.)
As a romance writer, I have the hardest time with male names. The hero has got to have a strong sounding monniker but not so strong that he sounds like a cartoon character. Dirk Buffington? Sly Steely? Er, not so much. Neither can one err on the side of a name that doesn’t quite strike the macho tone. Horace Finkbottom is not going to carry a romance on his shoulders. Neither will Walter Higginbottom rise to the occasion.
Have you come across any character names that stick in your mind? You know, memorable, without being ridiculous? Do share!Names

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  1. Posted by JOYE on May 11, 2013 at 8:58 pm

    James Bond sticks in my mind…a simple name but yet strong sounding. Also Rhett Butler.



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