Why I need an agent…the guy who talks me off the ledge.

writer thinkingWhy I really need an agent, part two.
Maybe the most valuable thing my agent provides to me is career counseling. “But Chip,” I say in a tone only slightly whiny. “What should I be writing? Romantic suspense? Mystery? Phone books?” He is the calm person who talks through my strengths with me and helps me answer the most important question: What do I want out of this writing career? If it’s solely income generation, he can advise on how to make that happen. If it’s a ministry focus, he is able to guide in that way. And if, dare I suggest it, that I want to expand beyond my “romantic suspense” brand? Chip is the encourager, but with a heavy dose of practicality to keep me from flying off into penning that Amish pirates in outer space series. Chip is also the one who administers this sage advice when necessary. “Remember, a good book is better than a fast book.”

Any thoughts? Comments? Anyone out there traversing the writing trail without an agent? Would love to hear about your journey. Posts get you entered in the May drawing for a Starbuck’s card.


One response to this post.

  1. I saw your tweet and thought, hey, my agent talks me off the ledge too! Then I realized we have the same agent. Now we know Chip’s super power. 🙂



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