#1 quality needed to succeed in writing…or anything else!

Got what it takes to be a writer? Pen with flowers
What’s the biggest requirement I’ve needed to get me through fifteen plus books?
Persistence! My mentor, Penny Warner, advised me when I was starting out in the writing arena to treat it like a business. Go to work, sit in the chair, put in the hours, just like you would if you were being paid. The old tushy-in-the chair rule. On my teaching days, I put in a good ten plus hour day. Writing professionally will require just as much effort, even if those hours are squeezed in at odd times. Early morning, late at night, if you want to write professionally and you’ve got to keep paying those bills in the meantime, carve out those hours when you can. J.K. Rowling said of her first Harry Potter tome, “”I wrote the book… in snatched hours, in clattering cafés or in the dead of night.”
And consider the rejection angle. You’re going to be rejected. A lot. If this scares you, check out the link below with some famous rejection letters like the following note to Rudyard Kipling.
I’m sorry Mr. Kipling, but you just don’t know how to use the English language.
If Kipling could take it, so can we. How? Persistence, my friend! I’ve got a binder of rejections that I keep on the shelf. Why? Because it reminds me and the Mentink cubs that rejection is part of striving. Persistence is required. Period.
So what about you? What in your life has required persistence? Any helpful tips on how to keep going when the going gets rough?

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