Show me the money! Writing money well spent….or not?

I’ve plopped down plenty of money over the years in the name of furthering my writing business. Those neato clips seemed like a great giveaway, but did I really need five hundred? And the nose shaped pencil sharpeners…well, let’s not get into that, shall we? I’ve subscribed to various cyber services, postal packages and online groups with varying results. There is some things that I’ve invested in that are worth every penny in this humble writer’s opinion. Let’s look at two here:

-a professional website. Yep, I’ve designed my own site before. Yep, it really looked like it. I realized there are many cyber savvy folks. I’m not one of them. My fabulous website designer makes me look spiffy and polished and takes care of updates as often as I’d like him to. He’s worth every red cent (and other colored cents too.)

-a writing related publication: I subscribe to Romance Writers of America. No, I don’t get something out of every article, but each issue offers me some insight into the business that I may not have considered and posts contests which are fun to enter. All in all, if I learn one new thing that improves my writing or business approach, that’s a good value in my book!

Have you ever invested unwisely in a business or hobby? Are you brave enough to share? All posts get you entered in the July drawing for an Amazon gift card next week.

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  1. Posted by bn100 on July 27, 2013 at 3:03 am

    No, I haven’t



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