Another good writing investment….

Desert desperate cover, jpgMoney doesn’t grow on trees, nor does it seem to replicate in my bank accounts no matter how often I check on it. Thus, I need to feel confident that each penny spent on the writing biz is doing something productive. One helpful investment I’ve made for my self published works is to spring for professionally designed covers.

Covers sell books, particularly ebooks. Have you ever surfed on Amazon and seen books with the little grey “no cover image available” pictures? I’ll bet you passed them by. Or perhaps a very amateurish looking cover? It might be the best story in the universe, but the cover sends a message. If you are cyber savvy and create your own design, make sure it has good clear images, the author’s name and title in easy to read font and a layout that doesn’t overwhelm the eye. Fuzzy, poorly done artwork implies fuzzy, poorly done prose. Yes, it’s expensive to pay for a cover design, but if you’re cyber dork like myself and you have an ebook to market, find someone who can do it for you. There are zillions. I use Dara England and she customizes each cover for me. She’s a gem and completely worth the investment.

So covers sell books. Do you agree? If not, what other factors make you pick up a book off the shelves? Comments get you entered in the Amazon gift card drawing next week.

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  1. Posted by bn100 on July 27, 2013 at 10:30 pm

    think it helps; a nice cover gets me to read the blurb
    don’t like seeing the same covers used by different authors



  2. Yes, I do look at the covers of books and make “judgements”, but I’ve also been wrong many times. I like to go with author’s I know and one’s that have been recommended. And when I to find “a new to me” author, I’m very excited to start reading their books and then sharing them with our patrons in our Media Center.



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