Should I pay for that professional photo? Judge for yourself.

And my final recommendation for where to spend those hard-earned dollars wisely is to invest in a professional head shot. I know cameras are nifty and one can produce a pretty good self-portrait with smart phones, iPads, cameras, etc. I’ve done it myself. Having a studio photograph however, really screams “I am a professional.” It’s not simply that skilled photographers can make the subject look better (ah, the magic of soft focus, air brushing and backdrops!). A quality image conveys the message that you consider yourself a professional, and you’ve invested in your writing career. Trust me, people can tell the difference between a do-it-yourself job and a “hire it out” photo. I’ve posted mine below. Which one says “professional writer” to you?

DSC_0065_edited-1Dana Mentink 29 sm

Have you ever paid for something that disappointed you? (I could go on about the musical snowing Christmas globe that I paid good money for and hasn’t snowed for a decade or so now, but I will refrain.) Do share. Comments get you entered in the July drawing for an Amazon card.

5 responses to this post.

  1. Good article, Dana. You’re right…the picture behind the chair is very sharp and professional looking (though I personally think you look beautiful in both). 🙂



  2. Posted by Jane Squires on July 29, 2013 at 8:16 pm

    Both look nice but I am with above comment. I like the one behind the chair. It is you.
    I gave one of your books to a friend I’ve made at church. First time I gave her one of your books. She got so excited.



  3. I think you look beautiful in both photos, but the one with you standing behind the chair says “I’m a great writer, sit down and read my books!” 🙂

    I have a bad back, have had for years, and several years ago I fell for the sleep number bed, all those commercials with people saying they sleep through the night now and wake up with no back pain. Hardly! It’s a nice bed, but I still wake up middle of the night in pain! So, don’t pay the money thinking it will cure your back. It didn’t mine! But, it may yours….I’m just sharing my experience. And don’t even get me started on the Kirby vacuum we bought…(I make expensive mistakes!)



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