Are you ready for a disaster?

In California, we expect “the big one,” that earthquake that will rock us to the core. It’s a matter of time, really, as the faults crisscross the state and often bisect highly populated areas. Loma Prieta in 1989 struck in a most theatrical fashion, during the World Series warm up between the Giants and the A’s. Fifteen to twenty seconds later and 62 people were dead, billions of dollars worth of property was damaged and a span of the Bay Bridge collapsed. I remember standing in our front yard, watching the street rolling like water.

I’ve heard people from other states ask how we can stand it, not knowing when the next one will strike. Practically speaking, we do what we can. We store earthquake kits, and keep supplies of food and water, with the knowledge that we’re going to be on our own for several days or more. But in a deeper sense, we know that disasters will come because that’s part of life. In my novel Shock Wave, the characters have been hit by all manner of “shipwrecks” as the Biblical Paul would say, before they’re ever impacted by that quake. Post traumatic stress disorder, disastrous life choices, broken relationships. Life is a topsy-turvy, disaster prone adventure that is anything but safe, wouldn’t you agree? That’s why we so need to know that God is in charge and sovereign, no matter what happens on this planet. Whew! What a blessing!

What “disasters” is your home state prone to? What do you do to prepare for such things? Post to be entered in the August drawing for a Starbuck’s gift card. bay bridge collapse

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  1. I live in Georgia and we mostly have tornado’s. I’ve personally been in two, once in my house and once in the car. Both were very scary as they passed over. They were both in my neighborhood and about 2 months apart. My mom, sister and I both got under the bed during the first one, no serious damage to our house, but trees down everywhere and houses in the neighborhood in various degrees of damage. The second time, mom came by my after-school part-time job and told me the weather was bad and we were going home. I told her it would not strike in the same place twice…we were about 11 houses away from our house when it came. All we saw was dust, debris flying, it was right on us. We laid down in the seat and prayed like crazy, all the time our car was shaking like crazy. Things were blowing on us, glass, who knows what else. When it was over, we thought the top of the car had been blown off, but just all the glass had been blown out. The car in the driveway right next to us was upside down in the next yard. I know God’s hand was on our car keeping it on the ground. After those two experiences, I’ve only been scared one other time. I guess I feel like if I can survive those first two, I’ll make it through anything. I know that’s false security. I just make sure we have candles, batteries, and watch the news. Other than that I don’t really have a plan. Boy, I didn’t mean to tell my life story, but I guess you got a bonus.

    I’m so looking forward to your new book! I can’t wait to read it!!!!



  2. I am originally from So. California and remember as far back as grade school being warned California was going to be hit with a major quake and fall into the ocean. That was a few years ago 🙂 Sometimes our fears are greater than reality.

    But when the worst actually does come to pass, we know that God isn’t clueless and as difficult as it may be, His plan trumps ours and has a greater purpose. It’s just holding fast to that truth in the midst of trial that is hard 🙂

    Blessings on your latest book!



    • Well I’m glad we haven’t fallen into the ocean! You’re right, Julie. Sometimes the fear is greater than the disaster! Thanks for the comment. ☺

      Dana Mentink

      Christian Fiction Author ACFW Book of the Year finalist Betrayal in the Badlands, a RT Reviewer’s Choice Winner



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