Brave? Or dumber than dirt? That old romance cliche!

You’re familiar with the scenario, that tired cliche that seems to crop up often in novels. The innocent young heroine goes into the dark empty building? Oy vey! Today’s heroines must be smart, savvy, and not at all helpless. If our fictional lady is going to walk into an incredibly dangerous situation, she’d better have a really good reason! Is the hero tied up, ready to be dispatched and there’s no way to summon help? No cell phone? No burly sidekick who can accompany her? No neighbor who can call the cops for her? If she goes ahead and does something dangerous without taking smart precautions, she’s just too silly to survive and probably shouldn’t. Readers (particularly of romance) are modern women who know how to solve problems. mysterious eyesThey’re intelligent, they’re resourceful and capable. They expect the heroines they read about to be the same.

What do you admire in a heroine? Are there any book series that feature female characters that you particularly enjoy? Post to enter the Starbuck’s card drawing for August.

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  1. Posted by Jane Squires on August 8, 2013 at 8:35 pm

    I look for heroines who have good character and are strong. They may slip and fall but they never give up. Please enter me.



  2. Posted by Shirley Blanchard on August 8, 2013 at 4:03 pm

    What i admire in a heroine is, thier morals, they way they follow the ways of the Lord. ? the book series that feature female characters that i enjoyed, were the Lewis Legacy by JoAnn Durgin .



  3. I truly don’t know if there is only one series that holds my attention in this area. I really love the Love Inspired Suspense heroines because they almost always have some capability that you don’t normally see in the every-day person.



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