Books make the best movies…or not!

Ah summer at the movies! Have you attended any great cinematic extravaganzas? It’s always interesting to see how many of the silver screen offerings were first born on the pages of a book. It’s also interesting to hear people’s reactions to the print vs. screen products. I recently attended Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters with two fifteen year old specimens. I thought it was quick moving, some nice humor included and certainly a great message (the hero was the humble, self sacrificing one who valued his friends more than his fame.) Satisfied, I trickled on out of the theater, only to hear my teen passengers rip the movie apart. Why? Because they are Percy fans who have followed him from book to book and they could relate in chapter and verse a litany of places where the movie did not stay true to the book. Yet, in the same outing, we saw previews for Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2, which is a complete invention, only peripherally related to the original kid’s picture book. This, they are eagerly looking forward to. Interesting!

So what do you think about the books to movies that you’ve seen? Do you have any that impressed you? Any that disappointed? Posts get you entered in the August drawing for a Starbuckmovie‘s card.

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