I’m a confident writer…sometimes, er, well, except for today!

Writers must be confident! It’s no place for the faint of heart…right? Well, you sure have to have a certain level of belief in self to survive the reviews that will inevitably cut the legs from under you, but really, even after fifteen or so books, I still doubt my abilities constantly. I finish a novel pretty sure that it’s either a work of staggering genius, or fit to line the bottom of the parakeet cage. I love the quote from author John Toland because it’s so TOTALLY not me. Toland says, “I’ve always had complete confidence in myself. When I was nothing, I had complete confidence. There were 10 guys in my writing class at Williams College who could write better than I. They didn’t have what I have which is guts.”

I just adore that amazing sense of self, but frankly, I ain’t got that. Each novel is the best effort I can make at the time in which I sat down to labor over it, but each book is produced in spite of the doubts which spring to life with each endeavor.

Do you doubt yourself from time to time, or are you confident in your abilities? Giving away an Amazon card this month. Comments welcome!
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6 responses to this post.

  1. I have more confidence in my ability to write fiction than in my capability to write blogs or articles or nonfiction.



  2. There are several areas of my life that I struggle with doubt, but then there’s parts of it that I am very confident in what I can do. I guess that’s what makes the world go round, though. I know that a lot of my weak areas are the strong points for my wife, so we make a great team.



  3. Ooh, boy I know what you mean!
    Every time I finish a MS I’m certain it’s complete rubbish. Then I have to send it to my beta readers (love them) so they can tell me it’s not TOO bad!
    Bless ’em.



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