Villians, why we have to love them (a little.)

Who’s your favorite villain? No really. Readers love their villains and not purely for their evil genius. The best villains have a teensy shadow of something that makes us not completely hate them. The bad guy, after all, does not see himself as a villain. He (or she) is a guy or gal who wants something in opposition to the hero. J.K. Rowling’s Snape, for example, was mistreated by Harry’s father and scorned by Harry’s mother, yet he sacrificed himself for a boy he could not stand. Surely, he’s got some silver lining under his dark cloud with that kind of behavior. Snape is the perfect villain, complex, not all bad, or all good, and that makes him memorable. Bad guys who are too bad run the risk of being caricatures, instead of fully fleshed three-dimensional types. They are the villains edified in the older Bond movies for example, which are parodied so cleverly in movies like Austin Powers.

So which movie/book villians stick in your mind and why? All posts get you entered in the September drawing for an Amazon gift card.

Here’s a link to some famous sympathetic literary villains. villian

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  1. I like it when you know why the villain turned evil. My favourite is the Master in the new Doctor Who shows, played by John Simm. Funny, charming, wicked and vulnerable!



  2. Posted by Terri Weldon on September 17, 2013 at 5:13 pm

    I love villains and their POVs. In all honesty, I never view Snape as a villain. He sacrificed everything, reputation and life, to protect Harry. One of my favorites is Khan in the Star Trek movies – old and new.



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