Teen shows he’s got the writing chops…three crucial qualities for writers.

Having just returned from the American Christian Fiction Writer’s Conference, I had the pleasure of sharing a dinner table with an aspiring writer by the name of Kyle. Not unusual at a conference of more than 600 writers, but what was out of the ordinary is Kyle’s age. He’s fifteen. This young man is working on a fantasy novel. What struck me was not the power of his idea, but the power of his character. Kyle, you see, has always loved writing and heard of the ACFW conference while doing his best to learn about the industry by chatting with a few folks. After having the conference recommended as a great resource, this boy worked on a farm all summer to save up the money to come. I have no doubt that someday Kyle will be a successful author because he’s displayed the three qualities that are crucial to those who want to be professional writers.

#1) He is learning the craft. Jake does not assume his writing skill is sufficient. At his young age, he knows that studying is the key to moving from pre-published to a working author.

#2) He is learning the business. All the writing genius in the world isn’t going to be sufficient if you don’t know how to negotiate the business end of things. Kyle has already met with agents, editors and experienced writers to learn some key points about this crazy industry.

#3) He’s willing to work hard. Writing is not sitting in a well-appointed studio with soft music playing and an agent waiting on line two. At least, that’s not my world. Writing is a whole lot of hard, unglamorous work and that’s the truth that Kyle has already learned.

So what about you? Have you hadwriter thinking to learn a lot about your business or hobby before you became successful at it? Do you still enjoy some interests and passions from your teen years? Do share.

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