Do you allow your authors to moonlight? The good and bad of author branding.

Do you allow your authors to moonlight? Put another way, if you know an author by what they produce, would you accept something different from them? Can J.K. Rowling be a successful mystery author? Can David Baldacci pen a sweet romance? Will John Grisham’s literary book, A Painted House, be well received? Thus is the rub, the conflict if you will, that sometimes occurs in this wacky writing business. It has to do with branding. A publisher would really prefer an author to stick with a particular genre and become successful at it, thus creating a “brand.” This is great, on the surface. The author sells lots of books because people know what they’re getting. He/she is a “suspense” author. A “mystery” author. A “romance” author, etc. Hefty sales make authors and publishers happy. It’s a good thing, unless that author would like to have a go at something else. Now people will start to squirm. Publishers are nervous that sales will drop off. Authors are nervous that readers will only accept what they’ve come to know and love about said author.

In fact, John Grisham, J.K. Rowling and David Baldacci have all stepped outside their brand and had a go at something new.Daydreaming

Would you read their “outside the box” books? I’m honored to hear your comments. All posts get you entered in the September drawing for an Amazon gift card.

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  1. Posted by Linda Presley on September 26, 2013 at 3:31 pm

    Variety is the spice of life, so as long it was one of my favorite authors, I would probably read whatever they wrote. I love your books BTW!



  2. I once read a children’s book by Margaret Atwood! So, yes, I’m fine with authors moonlighting, but I would only read their other genre books if I was interested in the other genre. If Donna Leon suddenly wrote vampire fiction for example I’d probably give it a miss. 😉



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