I need a fictional vacation! How about you?

Imagine you’ve won an all expenses paid vacation! Woo hoo! The only catch is, your destination must be a fictional place from a book. Passionate readers have encountered all manner of fictional settings that come alive in the pages. Would you enjoy hanging out with the Prince and Princesses of Narnia? Maybe Miss Marple’s small English village might be the spot for you? Or would the harsh world of the Hunger Games novels be more up your alley? There’s always Hogwarts School for those academics in the crowd. Here are my top two fictional vacation destinations.

1.Oz. I know there are naughty witches but really, who wouldn’t want to visit a place where there are Doodlebug professors and talking chickens? (You can tell I’ve read all the Baum novels, can’t you?)

2. Moose County. Those Lillian Jackson Braun novels (The Cat Who…) really made me long for the quiet country life, 400 miles north of everywhere, a place where everybody knows everybody and people live in converted apple barns.

So where would you go on your literary fictional vacation and why? Do share! Giving away a Starbuck’s card this month. Dog with suitcases

2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Suzan Michet on October 17, 2013 at 2:03 pm

    Oh man, how to choose ! Narnia would be on my list for sure, though I would want to go at specific times (like when the 4 children were on the thrones). But I think I would have to say Pern, from the series by Anne McCaffrey, because I would LOVE to see the dragons in her books (and since it’s just a vacation, I’d come home at the end, right ?).



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