How to write a good liar…

Lying is hard work. I recently perused an article in Discover Magazine declaring that brain imaging studies show that it takes greater mental effort to deceive than to tell the truth. I certainly find that to be true when I’m writing about that protagonist who isn’t quite truthful. Some helpful details to add when creating a lying protag? Science shows liars are slower to respond so that character might pause for a millisecond or two before answering, unless they’ve had a long time to rehearse their lie. There may also be a “micro expression” a tiny flash of emotion that doesn’t match the words begin spoken. Here’s another interesting tidbit according to a study on the FBI website. Greater use of minimizing and editing adverbs, and changes in nouns and verbs all were associated with lying. Ah ha! Another clue that our characters might be lying, and a handy thing to know when an author is trying to build that unreliable narrator.

What do you think is a reliable sign that someone is lying? Have you ever been lied to so convincingly that you were completely fooled by the liar? Giving away a Walmart card in November. letter writing

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  1. A man once lied so convincingly, I voted for him. But I guess politicians don’t count…



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