Drop your reader into the action, post haste!

Open with a bang. Literally. A nice explosion on page one is a nifty way to catch those readers right away. Or maybe an unexpected find, someone running for their lives?A protagonist in a dire situation? Okay, I write suspense, but the “start off with a bang” premise, holds for all good writing. If you don’t catch your reader with something different, intriguing, exceptional, mysterious, hilarious, on page one, they aren’t going to move to page two. Patience is not a virtue of most modern day readers.The exception that springs to mind is literary fiction, but that genre is not exempt from the compelling page one rule either. If you’re writing a mystery, thriller, suspense type book, there better be some excitement coming soon, especially in this day and age when folks are used to immediate gratification. Don’t wait until the end of the chapter. Let us have it right away!mysterious eyes

Have you read a book or watched a move recently that grabbed you right from the beginning?

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  1. Posted by mo1202007 on December 21, 2013 at 9:46 pm

    The reason I love reading romantic suspense novels is because your interest is captured on page 1 and you just can’t put the book down. I am currently reading Women of Justice series by Lynette Eason and they are a great example of what I am talking about.



  2. Great point, especially with the potential buyer/reader’s ability to view the first few pages as a sample. You can hook them quickly with a little action or mystery right off the bat.



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