My three fave things about being a writer…

1. People never believe me when I tell them I write books. I am highly amused by this. When I mention I’ve got fifteen or so books on the shelves, they nod, smile uncertainly and change the subject. I think people have a glamorous view of what a writer should look like (fancy car, nice duds, personal attendant.) That’s an ‘A’ list author. Me? I’m just a regular working gal who writes three books a year and clips grocery coupons.  I find it funny when they return to me later and say, “I googled you. You really are a writer!”

2.  I get to hang out in imagination land for much of the time. Really, it’s like being a professional daydreamer. What other job can you find doing that?

3. Writing the dedication page. Really. That’s one of my favorite parts, because I can thank people who mean the world to me. It’s not much, offering up a few words on a page, but it comes straight from the heart.

Christmas gift

2 responses to this post.

  1. I know what you mean about that blank stare after saying the words, “I’m a writer.” It happens all the time. Love the dedications, too.



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