Cool writer gadget #3

Best way to develop as a writer? Read great books. But where’s a person to find enough time to work through the finest books ever written? It’s time for gadget #3, a wee little MP3 player programmed with 100 of the world’s greatest classics. It’s perfect for listening to on the tread mill and especially in the car. This faboo gizmo delivers writing excellence for me to enjoy and learn from. I have just finished A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens and started Ibsen’s A Dollhouse. image Am I inspired? You bet!

Do you listen to audio books? What do you enjoy about them?

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  1. Posted by Suzan Michet on January 23, 2014 at 8:05 pm

    I went through a lot of audio books after having a skiing accident and ending up not being able to hold a book (or much else). Problem was it was 15 years ago, so I had to get “books on tape” or CD. They were expensive in the book store – usually more than the cost of the hardcover version of the book – so I went to the library a lot. It was a big insight into all the choices that are made when an audio book is recorded … will the book be abridged or will every word be read ? Will there be one reader or many ? Will there be sound effects ? Will the author read it him/herself ?



    • I’m a big audio book gal. When I used to get them from the library, it was so frustrating when there was a skip in the tape or the last one of a series wound up being unplayable! Errgh!

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