Writer lingo…the all important “earn out.”

imageOh boy. Earning out is a very big deal for writers. It means that you have sold enough copies to earn back the advance your publisher forked over, and you’re now on your way to collecting royalties. Can I hear a huzzah?  Earning out is extremely important to me as a point of pride. The publisher trusted me to write a winning book. If I can’t deliver enough sales to cover the advance and then some, we’ve both lost. It doesn’t feel good. Oh sure there are lots of contributing factors. I have had a few books fail to earn out and though I did my best to promote them myself, I was disappointed in the level of support from the publisher. Without adequate publisher website support and marketing presence, it’s going to be extremely difficult for a new author to sell enough copies. That said, there are ever increasing ways for authors to handle their own promotion, and I’ve learned over time how to better do that. Does it still sting that a few of my titles did not earn out? You bet, but that’s the way things go in this wacky world of writing.

Did you ever have a venture fail to meet your expectations? Have you experienced marketing yourself or your product? What did you learn from it? Would love to hear your thoughts! Giving away an Amazon gift card in the February drawing

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  1. Posted by Shanda on February 26, 2014 at 11:36 am

    If you don’t earn out with your first book, does that mean you are less likely to get future contracts? What do you recommend an author do on her own?



    • Well, generally publishers aren’t too thrilled if you don’t earn out or come close, but they also understand that it takes time to get established. I would recommend an author do lots of Facebook promotions, giveaways, create a Twitter account and create a presence on Goodreads to help with their promotions. The nice thing is most of those are free, they just cost you time!

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