Content edits? Calming breaths, everyone!

DaydreamingWhat’s the difference between content edits and line edits? In my case, it’s the amount of head banging required. Content edits are those overarching, big issue topics that your editor feels needs work in your manuscript. Perhaps they do not feel your characters have enough internal conflict. It could be that the theme of the story is somewhat vague, the romance lackluster, the resolution too insignificant. Then again, you might have a sagging middle or a plot turn that has derailed your story completely. In other words, these are the BIG things that don’t work. I often joke that this is phase where the editor doesn’t seem to like anything but your font! Can you hear the head banging? It’s the time to remind yourself that editing takes rough stones and buffs them into jewels. Jewels, I tell you!

Line edits come next. These are smaller scale tweaks that can be anything from misplaced commas to timeline issues, to words repeated too often. (In my last manuscript, I used the word ‘look’ and its derivatives more than any author should attempt in an entire career.) Line edits are the kinder, gentler edits that are much easier to fix.

Did you ever produce something that was heavily criticized? How did you handle that? Giving away a Starbuck’s gift card this month.

2 responses to this post.

  1. My content editor once told me that my first draft read a bit like a soap opera. I was devastated as that was certainly not the genre I was going for. We worked it out – but those kinds of comments are probably as hard to dish out as to take. Ultimately, I was grateful.



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