What about those “low class” books?


Ah me. It’s true. Snobbism is alive and well in the book world and we all participate to a certain degree. Those wonderful “classics” of literature are worthy, the heartwrenching literary fiction pieces that tell of the tragic journey of the human soul, now those are amazing, are they not? The large books that make us examine ourselves, priceless!

But what about the books that aren’t big and bold, on an epic scale? Does that mean they are less worthy? The little book that made you laugh. The hard boiled detective novel or thriller that absorbed you into the wee hours.  Romance writers are familiar with the “second class citizen” idea. What we write is often considered “fluff” or “purple prose” and definitely not up to par with the above mentioned. Yet these very types of books fill the shelves of bookstores and populate the best seller lists on a regular basis. Interesting, no?

So what is the mark of a worthy book? Here’s my definition. A good book touches someone. It moves them. It makes them, for a moment, stand outside their life circumstances. If a book can do that, whether it’s a romance, sci fi, horror novel or thriller, it is entitled to a spot on the bookshelf or the t.b.r. pile.

So what do you think? What qualities make you feel like a book was worth your reading time or not? Giving away an Amazon gift card on Wednesday!


“I admire anybody who has the guts to write anything at all.”


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  1. Posted by Shanda on April 29, 2014 at 12:38 am

    A worthy book evokes emotion, shows me the world in a way I’ve never seen it, reveals a truth heretofore unacknowledged by me. It brushes up against those chambers in my heart I’ve neglected or closed off, and for a moment, if not forever, I am changed. So, what I really mean when I ask someone to tell me a story is more of a request to mold me, change me, break me and rebuild me, let me live two lives, mine and the one created for me. With a really good book, who knows where the lines are drawn or how long the touch endures or where the influence ends. All I know is that I am altered. And that is the magic . . .



  2. Hmm … I’d say a good book is one I remember — for the right reasons, obviously! If I read a book, and then a few weeks later I find myself thinking about it, or wondering about a concept the book presented, or heck, even wishing I could live in the world the book created, then it’s officially worthy to me!

    My problem with traditionally “high class” books is that I don’t much care for them. I’m a huge science fiction / fantasy fan, and a lot of classics just aren’t that genre. I see the value of reading them, but they just don’t interest me all that much. There’s no doubt that so-called “literary” books are very difficult to write, have layers and layers of meaning, etc., but if that’s not the sort of thing that interests you, that’s okay. It comes down to the individual reader — if you read a book and it touches you, it’s worthy of your time 🙂



  3. If the book catches my interest and keeps it, whether it’s a light-hearted romance/comedy, suspenseful thriller, or deep in historical facts…if I can’t put it down, then that’s the book I’ll recommend to my friends! That’s the book I’ll post a review on to let others know that, “hey, you may not know this author, or the book cover is not all that great, but what’s inside this book is well worth your time!”


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