Authors collaborating…magic or mayhem?

Collaboration is a good thing…unless it’s not. Authors feel pressure to produce books quickly, and to widen their platforms (the number of people with whom they have contact.) A possible solution? Working together with another author. This is an odd concept for a profession that typically does its thing in lonely, dark rooms with only cold cups of coffee for company.

Actually, though, it’s been done for a while now. Some examples?

Neil Gaiman and Terry Prachett

Stephen King and Peter Straub.

Anne McCaffrey and Mercedes Lackey.

Of course, the hugely prolific James Patterson collaborates with many other writers and, to my surprise, I learned that the Ellery Queen mysteries were written by cousins Daniel Nathan and Manford Lepofsky.

I’ve considered collaborating on writing projects, too. My biggest obstacle? Uh, er, I like to have it my way, when it comes to writing. I get a little possessive and snippy about how I think the story should go. Sigh. I guess it’s best for me to stick to my solitary cave, for the time being.

What about you? Do you work best alone or with another? Did you ever collaborate on a project? How did it turn out? Speaking of collaboration… we’re giving away a DOUBLE PRIZE this month….a two book set of Love Inspired Suspense novels featuring myself and the lovely Alison Stone) and a Starbuck’s gift card this month! All comments get you entered to win!

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6 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by donnalstein on July 7, 2014 at 1:27 am

    I love your writing style. I hope I’m one of the winners. Blessings, Donna Stein

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  2. Posted by Shanda on July 3, 2014 at 10:39 pm

    I’ve always hated group work. I got stuck doing it all, so I tend to have a negative opinion of “collaboration.” However, I am open-minded. I’d give it a go with the right person . . . of course, I might not be the right person. 🙂



  3. I’ve read a few books that authors have collaborated on and they were good. I guess it does depend on how you feel about it. These books look fantastic and I love coffee, thanks for the chance to win.



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