Uncommon phobias…or are they?


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I spend a lot of time scaring myself. In an effort to write authentic fear into my scenes, I try to write in a way that makes my own heart go pitter patter. Turns out, there are some fears which are a little more unusual than others. Here are three uncommon phobias.

1. Pogonophobia (fear of beards.) I have seen this in children. A man with a full on face full of hair can strike fear into a kiddo’s heart.

2. Turophobia (fear of cheese.) Well, cheese can be a strange, stinky squishy substance for sure, but the article indicates the phobia (and many others) is linked to a traumatic association.

3.  Omphalophobia (fear of belly buttons.) My mother used to tell me that if I pressed my belly button, my bottom would fall off. By the time I was brave enough to test the theory, I was disappointed when the promised result didn’t occur.

Even though these phobias are unusual and seem a bit comical, I empathize with people who struggle with these conditions. Fear can be strong enough to strip away reason and paralyze the mind and body. Defeating a phobia takes an enormous amount of courage. Kudos to those who have tackled theirs.


What phobias are you familiar with? Last chance to enter the October drawing. Winner of the triple prize  (signed book, Amazon gift card, fall surprise) will be announced tomorrow! 



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  1. Posted by Suzan Michet on October 30, 2014 at 9:53 pm

    My brother was afraid of clowns when he was younger, so I looked it up and it is called “Coulrophobia”. Thanks for teaching me a new word today !



  2. My brothers thought it was really strange (which isn’t unusual when it comes to how they think of me), but I was curious so I looked up a list of phobias a few years ago and read about several of them. It was very interesting reading! And now that you’ve mentioned phobias, you’ve got me wanting to read about them some more… 😉



    • It is interesting about what triggers a phobia in people. I have heard of a person with a “glitter” phobia.

      Dana Mentink award winning fiction author http://www.danamentink.com


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      • It is very interesting…
        Really? Never heard of that before! The only person I’ve known that I would consider having a phobia would be one of my younger brothers. He, I believe, struggled with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) for quite some time. The sight of a clown in any form, including crash dummies & things like that, would make him scream & cry uncontrollably.


  3. Posted by Patrice on October 30, 2014 at 7:04 pm

    This fear doesn’t have an official name, but it is real, and it’s one that I’m familiar with. It is the fear of driving. I also have a fear of elevators, which again, does not have an official name. One of my “officailly named” fears is claustrophobia. I also struggle a bit with agoraphobia, which is not the common fear of crowds in my case, but I get anxious when I get too far from home, which is another way that this phobia manifests itself.



  4. Posted by Valri Western on October 30, 2014 at 6:59 pm

    Dana, I really just have a “normal” fear of spiders and snakes, I think. I don’t care if they are “far away” but don’t get close to me! I also don’t care if the spider is a small one and I see it on my wall – I will kill it and put it in the trash! I just don’t want a big one! As I explained earlier with your “fears” blog….I don’t like to drive over high bridges either! I have to sometimes but I don’t like it.

    I left you a private message on your Facebook author page…..if you can get back to me, please 🙂 Thanks!



  5. I am familiar with Agoraphobia, a fear of open spaces, and crowds. I became familiar with this term when I read Paula Deen’s fabulous book It Ain’t All About the Cookin'”. She suffered with it for many, many years and as a result would not leave her house. I read that the disorder can develop after a person has suffered with panic attacks or a traumatic experience in a certain location. They become afraid that they will have the same experience again and so they avoid that location. They also fear the embarrassment of losing control in public places. I think I had a mild case of this (I still struggle a little with crowds and closed in spaces) when I suffered with panic attacks in my 20’s. I empathize with those who have this type of anxiety disorder.



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