Throwback Thursday…in which an author goes batty!



Race to Rescue, cover

I believe in the motto, “write what you WANT to know.” By that I mean, delve into something that fascinates you and you will find an element for a story. Case in point, Race to Rescue, published back in the ancient era of 2009. What fascinated me back then? The desert and its creatures, specifically, bats. Certain types of bats, as I learned, follow the trail of desert cactus as they bloom. They are a vitally important animal for keeping down the insect population and helping to pollinate. They’re also struggling to survive on this hostile planet. Since I was fascinated, so was my protagonist who was a bat researcher, of course. Here’s the blurb.


Those were her brother’s last words before their phone connection was lost. So Anita Teel rushes to Arizona to find her only relative right away. But no one–from his employer to the police–will take her seriously. Except for Booker Scott, the hardened rancher whose heart she broke. Now, Anita has no choice but to put her fragile trust in Booker once again. As they race across the deadly desert, the rescue mission becomes a test–a challenge to see if they can overcome their pride, and their past, in time to save her brother’s life.


So what fascinates you? What places, creatures, hobbies or topics make you sit up and take notice? Would love to hear your thoughts! Posts get you entered in the November drawing. 


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  1. Life facinates me…there are so many people and all different even within a family there are similarities but still just a little difference, and the body can heal itself if we but eat the proper foods and exercise as we should…God planned all so wonderful and man messed it up…sad huh? I love nature and seeing spring come around and all things back to green and living.
    I am thankful for having lived into my seventies and know not when my time will be up but know it is shorter now and I appreciate things more and notice more then I did in my youth. I love to read and appreciate the authors that share their books that give me so much enjoyment,then I pass them on to family members who get to enjoy too.



  2. So many things fascinate me in this world; the Universe, the human body, wildlife, mountains and the ocean, human emotion, different cultures, languages and the magnificent brain. I am fascinated by so many things..too many to name here. I love birds and as far as places, I’d love to visit England because I seem to like all things British: tea, novels that take place there, the accent, the thatched roof cottages and the moors. All sorts of creatures fascinate me. I love to watch gorillas and large cats like lions and tigers. Horses are so beautiful and so are just about all of God’s creations. Reading is one of my favorite, if not THE favorite hobby of mine. There’s nothing like getting lost in a great story….being carried away in my mind to invade someone else’s life and escape, if just for a few moments, the sometimes unpleasantness of my own. When I’m troubled about some things that naturally occur in life and cause a bit of anxiety, I often reach for a book, or THE GOOD BOOK, and it allays my fears.



  3. Posted by Christina Spicuzza on November 15, 2014 at 10:05 pm

    I am facinated by Ireland, Italy, and England; the culture, history, and all. Also, I’ve always been interested in types of bears koalas, pandas, etc… oh, and Penguins. They’re amazing creatures!
    I’m going to buy your book the next time I have book money!!! Looks great!



  4. Posted by Valri Western on November 14, 2014 at 4:48 am

    I read that book, Dana! We used to live in New Mexico and went to an area that had bats once. I didn’t go where you could view them at dusk….not my thing, but my hubby did! We were visiting friends and I just stayed behind to continue visiting them!

    I am fascinated by sky diving! I really want to go – tandem, of course! My adult children can’t believe it because I’m not a “risk taker” but that just looks SO COOL that I really want to do it some day. I hope I do.



  5. Posted by JackieW on November 14, 2014 at 2:46 am

    I am fascinated by wolves. Maybe it is because I am such a dog person and have always had a dog as a pet. I like to paint them and keep a folder of pictures of the wolves. The California Wolf Recovery Center is within driving distance of where I live and I enjoyed visiting there to see the Wolves they have. It is one of the few organizations to which I donate as often as I can. I know that my contribution will go to help the animals there.



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