Are your Facebook peeps real friends?





Authors (let me speak for those of us who haven’t attained Nora Roberts status yet) have to have a Facebook presence. Period. It’s just part of the whole platform, connecting with your audience thing. As a consequence, I have a whole bunch of FB friends whom I’ve never clapped eyes on. Some are from other continents even. So are they real friends? How can someone be a friend whom I will most likely never see in person or hear their actual voice. Here are two questions I would consider when answering that question.

1. Are they people you can be yourself with? Hmmmm. I write a ton of suspense, yet I am in real life a very goofy, silly, jokester. My Facebook peeps seem to be okay with that. They’ve embraced my pizza hat and pictures of my box turtle attending a tea party, etc. Friends? So far, so good.

2. Do they support you when you need it? Sure I’ve got people who like my posts and share my new release info and all that, but more importantly, when I am experiencing grief as I did recently when my beloved dog died, they chime in with support. They tell me of their darling pets who meant so much to them, and offer their comfort. That means something. They understand my sadness at having my children nearly grown, the frustrations of a brain and body that doesn’t work as well as it did a few decades ago, the difficulties of trying to hang onto God in a dark and confusing world. In my book, that’s friendship.

So what about you? Do you consider your Facebook friends to be true friends? Giving away an iTunes card, a signed book and a Christmas surprise this month.


Link to Dana’s new book…Dangerous Tidings


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  1. Yes, I do think that FB friends have the potential to become real friends. People in the past (before computers) established friendships with pen pals that lasted years or even decades. When I post to folks online I’m sincere, so when I offer a sympathetic word or write a review or whatever, I do it because I care. And if some familiar face disappears from my feed I wonder what has happened to them. If I didn’t see you posting Dana, I’d wonder what happened to you because I care. ( : I’d say that in a way that makes my FB friends real friends. I’m sure many bonds of friendship (even deeper than superficial ones) have begun through FB.



  2. Posted by Pat Moore on November 16, 2015 at 6:28 pm

    I’ve made some friends not only on faacebook but also on the internet. Some I have even met in person. It was like meeting long lost friends. They are always there to hear me gripe & to pray when I request prayers. Some I will never meet until we are in Heaven but I love them as friends. Some I’ve spoken to by phone and others I never will.

    Some are authors like you that I try to support but want to be there as a friend when they are hurting, need prayers or just someone to vent on when they are feeling down. Friendship is being there for the other person, listening when needed and never telling others the personal information exchanged between each other. Friends are there for you in good and bad times. Thank God for our friends.



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