Your birth order personality…quiz time!



It’s always interesting to me as I create new characters how they will fit into their fictional families. Currently, I’m writing a series with four sisters and I happen to be one of four sisters, so I feel I am qualified! Each person plays a unique role in the family and birth order is a consideration when coming up with characters. Though I don’t think any family follows a rigid birth order personality schema, it’s interesting to note traits, isn’t it?

Take this intriguing quiz and see if if describes your birth order personality. Share your results and you’re entered to win a signed book, an iTunes gift card and a Christmas surprise. 

Birth Order Personality Quiz







 More about Dangerous Tidings.

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  1. I’m list as first-born even though I’m a middle child. However, I was the first girl, born five years after my nearest sibling, and the first child of my father (two older half-brothers) so it’s logical I’d have some first-born characteristics.

    Both my parents were first-borns and had strong opinions that the oldest is NOT a built-in babysitter or has to take all the responsibility.



  2. The quiz had me pegged correctly as a first-born, even though some of the questions seemed off the wall, and didn’t have the choice of “none of the above.” Fun.



  3. Posted by Trixi O. on November 21, 2015 at 6:23 am

    Here’s my results:
    “Whether or not you were the first child born into your family, your personality indicates that yours is a firstborn personality. What does that mean? Well, even though you’re a natural born leader, you tend to uphold the status quo.In other words, you can lead well, but you’re not necessarily going to try to shake things up. If you are indeed a bonafide firstborn, you can attribute this tendency to the fact that, for at least a little while, you were the only child receiving attention from your parents. You didn’t have to share the limelight with anyone else, and you developed a relationship with your parents that allowed you to be the center of attention (again, for at least a little while).Also, being the firstborn gave you some insight into your parents’ personalities; therefore, you absorbed much of their belief system through some sort of familial osmosis action. After all, you didn’t have any siblings there to buffer the relationship you shared with your parents. As other siblings came along, your parents depended on you to be a little helper and occasional babysitter. Whether or not you enjoyed these roles, they did and continue to help you be the capable, ambitious, hardworking person you are today.”

    Yep, it pegged me right as the firstborn! There is 9yrs difference between my brother &I, and almost 11yrs between my sister and I. 🙂 Always fun taking these quizzes Dana.



  4. Posted by Suzan Michet on November 20, 2015 at 3:08 pm

    So I tried the quiz and it pegged me as a middle child … but I am a first born, married to a first born ! Oh well, they can’t get it right all the time.



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