New Year’s Eve traditions…The Great Mentink debate





It must be New Year’s Eve because we’re all ready here to disagree about movies. Yep. We Mentinks live on the wild side and we celebrate New Year’s Eve with a movie night. Trouble is…the ladies at our gathering don’t really like war movies, or too much blood and guts. We also do not like to cry. That’s right, no deeply poignant movies for us… nothing that involves lost pets, loss of a spouse, gradual descent into illness, etc. And one more thing….we don’t agree on what’s funny either! The men in the gang are easier to please, as long as it’s not a sappy rom com. So what does that leave? Action adventure, a nice spy movie maybe?

What are your New Year’s Eve traditions? Last day to enter the December drawing!


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  1. I don’t mind a nice cry, as long as the story ends happily, but we’ll probably watch something funny, or maybe a nice mystery. At midnight, we’ll look out the window to watch the (illegal) fireworks in the neighborhood. The dog enjoys barking at them — she likes nothing better than to demonstrate her watchdog skills. Happy New Year!



  2. Posted by Renee Sturgill on December 31, 2015 at 8:07 pm

    I will probably just spend time with my fur babies and family and watch movies and eat nachos. Yummmm!! Then later on, when I have time to myself for the night I will be skyping my boyfriend and ringing in the new year with him. 😀 That has been our tradition as a couple for the last 5 years. Long distance relationships can be hard, but skype is always a blessing when your needing to see the other person when you can’t see them physically during a holiday. 🙂



  3. We used to have a New Year’s Eve costume party at our house every year and I really enjoyed that! But it outgrew our house. Lol!
    This year… I plan to do some very last minute shopping (we open gifts with my family tomorrow), then catch the college football playoffs semifinal game that my Sooners will be playing (and, I hope, winning!) this afternoon. After that, I’m looking forward to a quiet evening at home. Yeah… we’ll probably end up at least watching “Ant Man” since I haven’t seen it yet and my brothers really want to watch it again. 😛



  4. Posted by Terri Weldon on December 31, 2015 at 8:27 am

    We are rewatching the Indiana Jones films. I’ll confess, I’m excited to watch them. Harrison Ford in his prime – swoon!

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  5. Posted by Sandy Fox on December 31, 2015 at 4:08 am

    Love the movie night, I think we will steal that plan! Our night will also include fireworks! We have been saving them since July as 2 of the 3 kiddos were gone last summer. And not the safe and sane kind, but the real ones that launch into the air😄



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