Writing tasks I love…and don’t!


Yep, I really do have the coolest job in the world. There are two things about writing fiction that just pop my cork…and one that doesn’t!

1. Research. This is odd because during my college days, this was not my favorite way to spend time. Now I enjoy diving into places/topics that I would never cross my radar if I wasn’t a fiction writer. Lately, I’ve learned about California’s Channel Islands and the uses of a tactical pen. (I’ll let you look that one up!) You never know where a plot will take you!

2.  Finding a surprise in my own writing. Oh sure the book is outlined and sketched out completely before the proposal is ever sold, but gee! There I am in Chapter Fifteen and whammo! It occurs to me that the guy who dropped the thermos at the airport is actually going to be an assistant to the detective who has been looking for our villain the whole time! What? I didn’t see that coming.  Hopefully, the reader didn’t either!

As with any job, there are parts that I, er, don’t love. The very top of the list is synopsis writing. Oh how I detest it! The most perfect plot sounds simply ridiculous when stripped down to synopsis level. It’s like all the hard parts of writing without any of the fun! Blecchh!

So tell me about your job. What parts to you like…and not like? We’re doing a mega giant giveaway on my FB page this month. Click on the link to enter. 🙂



Giant Travels With Tippy giveaway!


2 responses to this post.

  1. There is no more important job than being a mother, for sure!



  2. Since I don’t work secularly, my job is to be a wife. My daughter is grown and has moved out, but I’m still a mother to her no matter how old she gets it seems. I love being a wife, but have to admit that housework can be a drag when I’d rather be reading Sit, Stay, Love. ( :



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