A new little tail wagging novel!


image The “real life” Jellybean….Junie!

Thought I’d pop in and post about my newest book, Paws for Love. It truly was a labor of love, as the naughty dog in the story is modeled after my own naughty dog, Junie the rescue terrier! Talk about a stinker, and we love her to pieces! Anyhoo, below is the blurb but if you want to pop by the FB or Twitter pages, we’re doing all kinds of contests in February to celebrate! Thanks for reading this blog.

Find out more!

There’s no quiet on the set when over-the-hill screen star Lawrence Tucker brings his naughty terrier, Jellybean, on location to the beachside town of Albatross, California. When Jellybean develops a rapport with Tucker’s violin tutor, the painfully shy, socially awkward Misty Agnelli, her arm is twisted into minding the mischievous animal. Trailing Jellybean leads Misty into the candy store of Bill Woodson, a handsome chocolatier with a painful secret and a three-year-old niece to raise. Misty must deal with the unstable Tucker, a temperamental Jellybean, her budding feelings for the mysterious Bill, and the high-pressure atmosphere on the set. Though she wants nothing more than to flee, how can she tell her Grandma, Lawrence Tucker’s biggest fan, that she abandoned the star and his dog? It’s actors, animals, and antics galore when Jellybean gives his own heartwarming performance.




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  1. Posted by Kathy Sinn on February 6, 2017 at 2:41 am

    Hi Dana,
    Loved Paws for Love. Thank Junie for all of her input. 5 stars!



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