In which I celebrate the art of snoozing!


Oh boy! You know what? I’ve found the secret to writing productivity…it’s called SLEEP. Personally, I haven’t slept soundly since the debacle of 1998, but things have only gotten worse over the past few years. At the moment, it’s a dry cough keeping me up. Papa Bear, perhaps having heard enough of said cough, suggested a humidifier. I was reluctant, because of a previous experience where the ceiling plaster caved in thanks to a humidifier (refer to debacle of 1998). They’ve improved these things, and we’ve improved our ceiling. Result? I slept great! I have consequently finished a chapter of my novella, two blog posts, planned a FB live event (Dec. 4, EST on the FB Dana Mentink Reader page if you are so inclined) and roasted a pan of golden beets. All this time, I thought the answer to the perfect night sleep was in the pillow (see video). Anyhoo, I am happy, celebrating the release of the Gold Country Cowboy series, and looking forward to another night of good sleep. How about you, friends? Got any good sleeping tips?


Lost Christmas Memories


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  1. Posted by Patricia B. on December 1, 2018 at 10:57 am

    Other than falling asleep at the computer when I stay up too late, I have no sleep or napping experience. My husband on the other hand is an expert. He has a leather recliner. All he has to do is sit in it, give him a few minutes, and he is asleep. Any comfortable chair will do, even uncomfortable seating. I really think it is a male thing being able to fall asleep anywhere and anytime.



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